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Ageless Protection
Essential daily multicomplex: vitamins, minerals, trace elements and essential amino acids; with copper
180 capsules for 30 days
Сбалансированный комплекс витаминов, минералов, микроэлементов, незаменимых аминокислот

No longer available

Ageless Hydro-C
Buffered vitamin C from essential mineral ascorbates
240 grams, powder, 96 servings

Витамин С с солями кальция, магния и калия (натуральное слабительное)

Buffered C-1000
Calcium and sodium ascorbate formula, non-acidic
1000 mg, 100 tablets

Витамин С с солями кальция

B-Complex 50
Balanced B-Complex, sustained release formula
50 mg, 100 tablets

Комплекс витаминов группы B, формула продленного действия

Sublingual-12 Plus
Well absorbed formula is important for cell reproduction, blood formation, and protein and tissue synthesis.
1000 mcg, 90 tablets

Витамин B-12 в таблетках под язык

Natural Vitamin E
d-alpha tocopherols and mixed tocopherols
400 I.U., 100 capsules

Витамин Е: натуральные d-токоферол и смеси токоферолов

Natural Vitamins A & D
Dietary supplement with beneficial effect on eyes, skin and GI system. Protects against colds and influenza. Vitamin D is also important for calcium absorption and calcium transport to bones.
Vitamin A - 10,000 I.U., Vitamin D - 400 I.U.; 100 softgels
Натуральные витамины А и D широкого спектра действия.

Calcium & Magnesium Citrate
Dietary supplement with vitamins D, K and boron. Promote bone, teeth, muscle, and nervous system health and integrity.
Кальций и магний цитрат с витаминами D, K и бором

750 mg, 100 tablets
750 mg, 250 tablets

Iron (Chelated)
Well absorbed and gentle on the stomach formula (as Iron Carbonyl) required for anemia, dietary restriction of fortified carbohydrates, metabolic disease and post-surgical recovery
9 mg, 90 tablets

Микроэлемент железо

Essential trace mineral (from ChromeMate®) required for stable blood sugar level, and natural appetite control
200 mcg, 100 capsules

Микроэлемент хром

Essential trace mineral (from Selenomax® High Selenium Yeast). Selenium is incorporated into antioxidant enzymes which help prevent  cellular damage from free radicals associated with cancers and heart disease. It also helps to regulate thyroid function and plays a role in the immune system.
200 mcg, 60 capsules

Микроэлемент селениyм

Natural Super Kelp (Iodine)
High source of natural iodine. Essential for thyroid gland health and synthesis of thyroxine. This hormone regulates metabolism, controls the physical and mental development of children, and is essential during pregnancy to prevent cretinism in a fetus.
225 mcg, 250 tablets

Микроэлемент йод

Essential trace mineral (from L-OptiZinc®) required for proper immune function, prostate health and healthy testosterone levels.
20 mg, 100 tablets

Микроэлемент цинк